Rescue Boat Services

Swiftwater Solutions provide a range of Rescue Boat Services including Safety Boats & Work Boats


Each area of operation is surveyed above and below water, historical information regarding seasonal water variables, hydrology hazards…

Rescue Craft

The choice of rescue craft to be deployed is determined after taking into account the water conditions, number of personnel exposed to…

Rescue Technicians

Our rescue technicians are selected by attending our in house training  days where they are put through their paces in realistic scenarios...

Pontoon Projects

Swiftwater Solutions have the training and experience to effectively place and moor pontoons in a range of locations and offering…

Environmentally Sensitive Projects

Over the past three years over half of our contracts have involved the management of environmental issues for our clients. We are…

On-Site Water Awareness

Water safety is not just in the hands of the safety team it is a group effort, Other trades must be fully aware of the part they play in…

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Boat Rescue Services

We have a varied fleet of conventional and specialist safety, rescue and work boats capable of for fulfilling a multitude of roles from rescue to guard boat or as an on-water base of operations for difficult bankside access.

All our fleet is well maintained with none of our engines over three years old to ensure reliability and reduce the risk of lost time, using four stroke and electric engines also helps us to be more environmentally friendly in delicate ecosystems.

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